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Davis Consulting Services, Inc., owned by James L. Davis.   The
practice is primarily focused on  relationship and adolescent
issues.  Mr. Davis has over 40 years working with families in
Southeast Missouri, across the state and in partnership with other

Current Licenses:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)  
Licensed Profession Counselor (L.P.C.)
Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP-Addictions)
Current  Certifications:

Clinical Member of The American Association of Marriage &   
Family Therapists (AAMFT) the  National  Association of Forensic
Counselors; Criminal Justice Specialist & Master Addictions
Counselor, Family Mediator, as well as being a Qualified
Professional for the Division of Drug & Alcohol Abuse.

Over the past 25 years he has been a Program Administrator,
Qualified Professional & Instructor providing assessments &
education for individuals to complete Substance Related Traffic
Offenses (SATOP) as required by  the State of Missouri.

Beginning in 1989 he has served as  Adjunct Faculty at Southeast
Missouri State University, teaching courses in Psychology, Social
Work and Criminal Justice Departments

He has also serves as the Center Mental Health Consultant for
Mingo Job Corps since 1999.

An additional service is training and consulting for juvenile
residential care facilities.  James L Davis has recently entered a
relationship with Missouri Youth Services Institute.  The goal is to
ensure young people receive supervision, mentoring and guidance
while in juvenile programs so they can make better choices when
they re-join their home communities.  James Davis retired from the
State of Missouri, Division of Youth Services, after 35 years of
services.  He performed various job roles throughout his
employment and retired as the Asst. Regional Administrator, of the
Southeast Region.  At retirement he supervised residential care
programs, family therapists, substance abuse counselors and
coordinated group treatment services within the region.
"They are all our children;
let's stay involved and work together, make sure they get the best
chance at life"
Davis Consulting Services, Inc.  
James L. Davis, LCSW