Growth & change are a natural process of life.
Just as natural is the stress & conflict that
accompany these changes.  During these times
of stress individuals, couples & businesses can
get stuck or  become disconnected.   

Counseling, Mediation &  Consultation provide a
means for the people involved to regain
momentum and an opportunity to reconnect to
their strengths to better meet their needs to
move forward towards healthy life style goals.

Service Details:   
If you would like to discuss fees and services please call.  The following is
provided as a guideline for basic services.

The fees for services are based on a per session basis, which generally last 60
minutes.  The service rate is $70  per session for marriage, family and individual
services.  The fees are the responsibility of the client.   Substance abuse and
evaluation services can be discussed to clarify payment and billing procedures.  
Insurance is accepted with an authorization number from your insurance company.

A monthly statement will be provided so that you may file for reimbursement from
your insurance company.  

Consultation and Training Services Fees can be discussed with consideration
given for destination and preparation time.

Trust is crucial to our working together so when in doubt ask!
Davis Consulting Services, Inc.
2907 Independence St, Suite G
Cape Girardeau, Mo.  63703      1-800-219-0311