Services Provided
Couple, Family & Individual Therapy
Specializing in Adolescent & Children
Services & Parenting Issues

Additional Services:
Drug & Alcohol Assessments
Substance Related Traffic  Assessments
& Education (SATOP)
Certified provider State of Missouri
Conflict & Mediation Provider

Training in:
Adolescent Treatment Interventions
Team Building & Leadership Development
Professional Supervision
Parenting Coaching, Education & Support

Free Community Education Seminars; (60
-90 minutes)

“If You Loved Me, You’d Know….”
"If you leave me, can I come too?"
“Avoiding the War:  Parenting Teens”
“I Can't Take it Anymore, Dealing with Stress”
“What is this fight really about?  
Couples Resolving Conflicts”
"Life Style Workshops
and Assessments"
"Young people leaving ho
me, a rites of passage!"
"What do children really need from parents and

Other titles available on request